I am keen to showcase the work I do and educate and inform the riding community on the subject of training and developing skills for riding and racing. I want articles and content to show training that professional riders undertake, but also make it accessible so amateur riders can take a lot from this.

My first articles were published in Dirt Bike Rider magazine in 2004, and I’ve built relationships with editors and publishers to continue to write and contribute to a range of magazines and websites.


I have been a guest on a number of podcasts, talking about training for racing. Here is a recent selection:


I have been the subject of a number of youtube videos with channels such as Global Mountain Bike network, Crank Brothers, Electric Mountain Bike Network etc.

Some examples include:


GMBN Visit Atherton HQ for a training session (140,000 views) 



EMBN – Are e-bikes the ultimate fat burners? (34,000 views) 


EMBN- e-bike workouts. (20,000 views) 


Atherton Training Camp (10,000 views) 

Some Magazine examples include:

MBR Magazine –

Article series on training for riding.

MBUK Magazine –

Article series for e-bike riding and set up.

Redbull Website –

Regular published fitness articles for riding and racing

Hurly Burly –

Downhill year book