Professional Racers

I have been working with professional Motocross and Mountain Bike racers since 2004. In that time I have worked at World Championship level in both sports, coaching GP Motocross racers, and World Cup Mountain bike racers. I have a passion for both sports and have become heavily involved in professional downhill mountain bike racing, coaching a number World Champions within this discipline and numerous World Cup winners and National Champions.

Athletes I have coached include:

Greg Minnaar, Gee Atherton, Rachel Atherton, Brendan Fairclough, Danny Hart, Manon Carpenter, Tracy Moseley, Charlie Hatton, Joe Breeden, Mike Jones, Phil Atwill, Andrew Neethling, Matt Simmonds, Martin Maes.

Maximise your performance with custom tailored coaching packages

Coaching for Professional Racers

The best opportunity for continued development and race success

In order to maximise performance, training has to not only be most effective in theory, but also in practice, and regular face to face coaching at a high performance facility is the best way to ensure this, linked with clear training programmes that account for skills development, travel, media commitments and race schedule. This give the best opportunity for continued development and race success.

Coaching packages are tailored to the individual, and their location, so contact me for further details so we can discuss coaching package options.