New SRM power metres for use in the lab and in training!

AUTHOR: Alan Milway

Mar 08, 2013 AUTHOR: Alan Milway
New SRM power metres for use in the lab and in training!

Srm copySRM lab bike copy

Monitoring performance is vital to ensure riders progress and we can assess this progression. One of the best methods for doing this is to use power metres that measure the power in Watts that is generated during pedalling.Essentially it allows a much clearer view to the amount of work done, or level of output possible. The difference between using power to guide training and monitoring instead of just using heart rate data is that heart rate can vary considerably for the same amount of work done.

In the lab we can control the resistance via computer to alter the cadence and resistance, measure torque, and get a very clear picture as to the level of performance of any rider. This top of the range SRM machine has just arrived and will allow even finer control and better analysis.

With this information I will set training sessions, and with SRM’s road bike cranks, I can not only give specific levels at which to ride, but also record maximum efforts, repeated efforts, and analyse each training session. SRM’s new power cranks are mated to Dura Ace cranks for no noticeable weight increase for the riders.

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