It’s not all racing…

AUTHOR: Alan Milway

Jul 08, 2013 AUTHOR: Alan Milway
It’s not all racing…



At this time of year racing is in full flow. Weekend to weekend the teams travel around the world to races. I attend races to learn and help manage some of the areas that might help the athletes – whether it be gathering data, planning and helping with warm ups, or event logistics and timings which have proved an interesting area for Enduro.

However outside of this training continues, and also developing my understanding and ability as a coach. Last week I went to Barcelona to the ECSS conference – specifically to attend a symposium on nutrition presented by Gatorade and chaired by Asker Jeukendrup.

I took a lot of useful and practical info from it, and the fact that the venue was at the Olympic park certainly helped the motivation!


Following this conference it was back to BHX for a change of clothes then off to Val D’Allos for the World Enduro. Nice airport was a posh place – with as many heli transfer companies as car hire transfer companies! A short 130km through beautiful winding mountain roads takes you to this quiet resort.

The race was frustraing for Dan- puncturing on a long stage put him out of the running. added to this the format of no practice and having to race blind meant he was on the back foot coming in, so this didn’t help.

After returning from this, and a hard but fun day training at Atherton HQ, I was then off to help Phil Atwill. A broken thumb whilst practicing at home had left us looking for a clear direction, so a visit to Mike Hayton in Manchester was the order of the day. Mike sees a lot of top sportsmen and is the man to see with hand injuries. You are in ‘safe hands’ when he deals with people such as this:

injury specialist

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